Anglican Chaplain

  • Rev. Shemil Mathew is the Anglican Chaplain to the University. 

    Shemil was born and brought up in Kerala, South India. As a dyslexic, he struggles to spell his family name, Malelputhenpurackal, and therefore made his Christian name, Mathew, into his surname.

    Shemil first studied for a Bachelor's and Master's degree in English language and literature, before achieving both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in theology from the University of Gloucestershire, and then an MTh from Oxford University. He was ordained in the diocese of Peterborough and has experience of working in India and Sri Lanka. He is passionate about helping people to discern their vocations to both secular and religious roles. 

    Shemil is a vocations adviser for the diocese of Oxford. As a founding member of Anglican Minority Ethnic Network (AMEN), he is keen to increase inclusion and representation of people from a wide spectrum of identities in various strata of society. His academic interests are in theologies of religions and he is currently researching on people who belong to multiple religious traditions simultaneously. Shemil is married to Becky and they have two young children. He enjoys meeting new people and is always willing to make a cup of tea or coffee for you.