Counselling stories

  • What is counselling like? Who comes to counselling? What sort of problems can I talk about? You may have lots of questions.

    Here are some stories which might help you understand what counselling is like and decide if it might help you. The stories are based on true situations, but none of the people are real. (We can't use real-life people because we are a confidential service.)

    • Claire - A first year

      Claire – A first year

      Claire had just started her first year and was finding it hard to cope. She felt anxious, tearful and homesick. Find out how Claire used counselling to help her cope.

    • Ben - Final year

      Ben – Final year

      Ben was in the final semester of his 3rd year. He really wanted to get a good grade and was on target to get a 2:1 but seemed to have hit a bad patch.

    • Alex

      Alex – Worried about drinking

      Alex recognised that she needed help with her drinking. Her counsellor helped her decide to seek specialised support and gave her information about where she could find it.