Exceptional circumstances letters

  • Letters about exceptional circumstances

    Counsellors are authorised by the University to write Counselling Letters  in support of students who are experiencing personal difficulties which may affect their work and applying for Exceptional Circumstances. If you feel this would be helpful, please talk it through with your counsellor.

    We do not write Counselling Letters for students who are not already attending counselling. Please do not make an appointment in order to ask for a letter.

    If seeing a doctor is relevant, you may wish to do this. If appropriate, the doctor can give you a medical certificate, which you can submit as evidence of mitigating circumstances. If in doubt, contact your Student Support Co-ordinator or Academic Advisor for guidance.

    For further information, see:

    Letters concerning legal matters

    The Counselling Service does not provide letters in support of compensation claims or other legal matters and we do not write references for employment, internships or placements. We recommend that you consult a private counsellor or psychotherapist for practical support with legal matters external to the University.

    The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy provides information about local practitioners.