Booklets for purchase

  • You can buy the following booklets and CDs from the Counselling Service reception. To find us, see contact and opening hours.

    • Anorexia Nervosa - £2.00
      Information about anorexia. Explains the professional treatment of anorexia.
    • Binge eating disorder - £2.00
      Information about binge eating. Explains the professional treatment of binge eating disorder.
    • Building self-esteem - £2.50
      Self-help booklet on how to improve self esteem. Information about the patterns that maintain low self-esteem.
    • Bulimia nervosa - £2.00
      Information about bulimia. Explains the professional treatment of bulimia.
    • How to relax (CD) - £2.50
      Three different relaxation exercises on a CD.
    • Managing anxiety - £2.50
      Information on anxiety. Tips on relaxation and controlling anxiety.
    • Managing anxiety - A user's manual - £5.50
      Self-help booklet on managing anxiety. Includes information about anxiety, relaxation exercises, and exercises to help you challenge worrying thoughts.
    • Managing depression - £2.50
      Information about depression. Self-help on overcoming depression.
    • Managing obsessive-compulsive disorder - £2.50
      Information about obsessive-compulsive disorder. Self-help on tackling the disorder.
    • Overcoming phobias - £2.50
      Information about phobia. Self-help on overcoming phobias.
    • Overcoming social anxiety - £2.50
      Information about anxiety in social situations. Self-help on changing thinking patterns causing social anxiety.
    • Understanding health anxiety - £2.50
      Information on anxieties about health. Self-help in overcoming worrying about health.
    • Understanding panic - £2.50
      Information about panic attacks. Self help in getting through panic attacks and overcoming them; and guidance on seeking professional help.
    • Understanding your reactions to trauma - £5.50
      Information on reactions to trauma. Guidance on coping with your reactions.

    The booklets and CD were written and produced by Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre.