Counselling at Brookes

  • Individual counselling is open to enrolled Brookes students – of whatever age, gender, religion and beliefs, nationality, ethnic origin, and sexual orientation. The service offers short-term counselling up to a maximum of 6 sessions per academic year. If it is assessed that short-term counselling is not suited to your needs, we will explore other options with you. If you have received 6 sessions of counselling during the current academic year and wish to have further individual counselling we will signpost you to these external services.

    Our aim is to provide you with the support that we think best suits your needs and is most readily available. To help us do this, we operate a triage ‘assessment of needs’ system.

    You register for support by completing an online registration form. This is the first step in the system. The information you give us helps us identify which sort of help will be most suitable for you.

    Individual, one-to-one counselling is just one of the support options available through Oxford Brookes Counselling (we also offer workshops, psycho-education talks, groups and a comprehensive library of online self-help materials, as well as links to other organisations). It’s often what people expect when they think of counselling. But other options may be more suitable to your needs. There is usually a waiting time for one-to-one counselling, and you may be able to access a different option more quickly.

    When we receive your registration form, we aim to contact you by email within two to five working days to arrange the next stage. This may be a telephone triage assessment appointment or a face-to-face assessment appointment. Prior to the arranging these appointments you may be asked to complete an online clinical measures to help us further assess your needs. It is very important to complete these online clinical measures as soon as you receive them so that we can arrange support promptly.

    We are open in semester and vacation times. See our opening hours for more information.

    See our FAQs for more information »