Self-help guides

  • These self-help guides for students offer help with some of the difficulties that arise in student life.

    • Effective communication and assertiveness
      How to develop ways to think, communicate and behave more assertively.
    • Overcoming depression
      This guide aims to help you understand more about depression. It describes some approaches that can help, whether you are suffering from depression yourself or wanting to support someone else. Further sources of help are listed at the end of the leaflet.
    • Managing exam anxiety and panic
      Techniques to help you deal with anxiety before and during your exams.
    • Managing time
      How to manage your time effectively so that you spend it doing the things that help you achieve your goals and the things that you prioritise and value.
    • Overcoming presentation anxiety
      How to take control of your fears about presentations, through relaxation and problem-solving techniques.
    • Challenging procrastination
      How to stop putting things off to the last minute or never getting things done.
    • Managing your reaction to trauma
      Explanation of common reactions to traumatic incidents and suggestions for coping.
    • Managing stress
      Information on signs and symptoms of stress, and how to manage stresses in your life more effectively.