Exams and assessments

  • Exams

    Exams should be a fair test of your knowledge and what you are able to do. For some disabled students, the usual exam format may not be suitable and, if this is the case, adjustments can be made. Typical adjustments might be:

    • extra time (usually 25% but can be more)
    • rest breaks
    • personal time reminders
    • exam papers in different formats (enlarged font, coloured paper, electronic copy)
    • use of computer, software and/or hardware
    • separate room
    • use of a scribe or reader

    To make sure we're being fair, we always ask for evidence of a disability/medical or mental health condition before making exam adjustments.

    We strongly suggest that you contact the Disability Service about your exam arrangements by Week 8.  

    Certain arrangements, for example, those which impact on timetabling, require more notice and may not be able to be arranged if the request is made after week 3.    

    The deadlines for the academic year 2017-18 are available on the Exams webpages.   

    Coursework extensions

    Oxford Brookes encourages all students to plan their time and meet deadlines, however sometimes you may find it impossible to meet a deadline for reasons beyond your control. If this happens, you need to contact your Module Leader or Academic Adviser for advice.

    You are required to complete the Mitigating Circumstances Form available on your 'Record and Results' page in PIP.

    If the reason is related to your disability, the Disability Service may be able to support your case. Contact your disability adviser for advice.