Exam arrangements for dyslexic students

  • The standard arrangements in exams and class tests for students with an Inclusive Support Plan (ISP) created by the Inclusive Support Service are:

    • 25% extra time
    • rough paper
    • assessment materials printed on ivory coloured paper
    • taking the exam in a separate room with other students who are eligible for extra time
    • use of a coloured overlay (student provides)
    • use of non-electronic earplugs (student provides)
    • use of the blue card to attach to your exam paper.

    Other arrangements, such as the use of a computer, a reader or a scribe (amanuensis) may be negotiated with one of the Dyslexia/SpLD Advisers based on recommendations made in the diagnostic assessment report and dependent on the severity of your dyslexia or specific learning difficulty. Requests for exams arrangements due to it being your normal way of working will not be approved. 

    The Examinations Team will send you an email telling you the date, time and room for each of your exams. This will be sent to you in Week 11. 

    Arrangements for class tests are the responsibility of the Module Leader or course tutor, not the Examinations Team. You can use the blue marking card.

    Important deadline for exam arrangements

    If you need any adjustments for your exams and have not yet agreed these with a Dyslexia/SpLD Adviser, you should contact dyslexiaspld@brookes.ac.uk.

    Adjustments can be made for students with dyslexia or a specific learning difficulty. You will need to provide evidence of your need for these arrangements, for example, a letter from your GP or a copy of your dyslexia/SpLD assessment report. 

    In order to make your arrangements, a Dyslexia/SpLD Adviser must review your dyslexia/SpLD assessment and meet with you to discuss your arrangements. Please allow plenty of time for your request to be processed before the Exams Office deadline.

    Certain arrangements, for example, those which impact on timetabling, require more notice and may not be able to be arranged if the request is made after Week 3.