Tutor support

  • Specialist Study Skills Tutors provide support to students who are registered with the Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) Service. Our Tutors are registered professional tutors with specialist qualifications in understanding specific learning difficulties and provide a high quality, personalised service.

  • Support for students without DSA funding

    You may not have DSA support because:

    • you are waiting to receive confirmation from your funder of your entitlement for the DSA, or your suppliers’ details
    • you do not qualify for the DSA.

    Students who are registered with the Dyslexia/SpLD Service and who do not have the DSA (as described above), can apply for Specialist 1-1 Study Skills Support by contacting the dyslexia/SpLD Service and asking for an application to be made to the Non-Funded Students Panel. 

    Support for students with DSA funding

    You have DSA support because:

    • you have received notification from your funder specifying who will provide your one-to-one study skills specialist support.

    Students with DSA funding have had a DSA study needs assessment and it has determined their need for one-to-one study skills. A letter would have been sent from the funder outlining the details of the DSA provision.

    Where a Brookes’ specialist tutor has been specified, the tutor will offer one-to-one sessions which will take place on your campus or over Google Hangouts. The tutor will know the University’s systems and how to assist you in your studies. The sessions will not be subject-specific and will therefore not cover course content. Your tutor will not be able to offer a proofreading service but will help you to find strategies to proofread your own work. 

    Your specialist tutor can help with:

    • Memory techniques
    • Time management and working specifically with Brookes’ semester and exam procedures
    • Note taking strategies
    • Reading skills
    • Essay writing strategies
    • Preparing and taking exams
    • Understanding how you learn best
    • Using and demonstrating specialist software.

    If you have DSA funding, please complete this form »