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    The term 'estranged student' is used to refer to young students who are studying without the support of a family network. We have designed a support package to assist you in these circumstances.

    Students who are estranged have no communicative relationship with either of their living biological parents and often their wider family networks as well.

    Dedicated member of staff

    We have a dedicated member of staff who can support you as an estranged student. This can include being the first point of contact for a support worker, if you have one. They can provide advice and guidance to you before you start your course and throughout your journey at Oxford Brookes University. They can assist you on a range of issues such as:

    • funding issues

    • money management

    • housing

    • employment

    • academic-related issues

    • liaising with Student Finance to ensure they treat you as an independent student to ensure you get the maximum funding you are entitled to.

    Support meeting

    Once you have been offered a place with us, you can talk to our Student Welfare Adviser to discuss any concerns you might have about the transition to university life. You can also bring along your support worker to any meetings (or whoever you feel most comfortable with).


    Please contact our Student Welfare Adviser, Matt Hayes, for further information at studentwelfare@brookes.ac.uk.