Case Conference Group

  • The Case Conference Group meets twice a semester, and may meet more frequently or virtually if necessary.

    Contact the Student Welfare Manager or another member of the Case Conference Group to:

    • Notify the group of a serious/traumatic incident relating to a student
    • Commission Cause for Concern Groups, nominate a lead person and advise on appropriate responses

    • Receive referrals from staff

    • Monitor ongoing complex cases and identify further action, including, where appropriate, implementation of the Fitness to Study Policy

    • Review the response to serious or critical incidents and identify learning points


    Head of Wellbeing: Chris Tuck
    ext 4650
    Head of Student Central: Gavin Barber
    ext 3431 
    Student Welfare Manager: Tania Wickham
    ext 2714
    Head of Accommodation Bureau: Pete Toomer
    ext 4661 
    Head of Counselling: Aindreas O’Donovan
    ext 4657 
    Disability Team Manager: Susannah Lloyd-Shogbesan
    ext 4658 
    Brookes Union Advice Services Manager: Paula Austin
    ext 4771