Student Welfare

  • Student Welfare works with Wellbeing colleagues and staff across the University to support students who are having difficulties functioning or continuing their studies for non-academic reasons.

    The team can provide guidance for staff who are supporting vulnerable students, and also works directly with students in crisis. This can involve help with prioritising, problem-solving, goal planning, developing coping strategies and offering practical support (eg helping a student access an external agency, attending a difficult meeting/interview) or simply offering a listening ear.

    The Student Welfare Manager is a member of the University Case Conference Group which is in place to advise individual members of staff on how to respond to complex, risky or vulnerable situations involving students.

    Contact Student Welfare if:

    • You have serious concerns about a student’s welfare or behaviour and you want to talk them through
    • You believe a student needs extra support to help them through a crisis
    • You would like guidance about working with vulnerable students
    • You want advice about setting up a Cause for Concern Group
    • Other students or staff are concerned about a student and would like to talk to a member of Wellbeing staff
    • You have dealt with a difficult situation and would like a debrief