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  • If you have moved to study at University, we would strongly recommend that you register with a local medical practice so that you can see a doctor locally if you become unwell. Many students who come to study at our Headington Campus will choose to register with the Brookes Medical Centre on campus. The following applies whether you choose to register with Brookes Medical Centre or any other General Practice.

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    GP appointments

    You may need to wait several days or weeks to see a GP, depending on the severity of your symptoms. Details of other ways of accessing medical help are available on the NHS Services website or you may be able to get advice and appropriate over-the-counter remedies from your local pharmacy. Your pharmacist will also be able to advise if they think you should see your GP. 

    It is important that you only seek an appointment with the GP when you need medical attention and not simply because you want them to provide you with evidence for a claim for consideration of exceptional circumstances. Remember that a minor or short-term illness that will get better without medical treatment will not normally be regarded as an exceptional circumstance for a deadline assessment where you have a number of weeks or months to complete and submit the work.

    For example, if you have a cold, you can take over-the-counter remedies and will normally recover well after a couple of days without needing to visit a GP. However, if the cold results in a chest infection which requires treatment you will need to seek advice from you GP. At this point, they may recommend a period of rest and issue a medical note that you would be able to submit as evidence of illness.

    Unwell on the day of an assessment

    If you are unexpectedly ill on the day of an event assessment, and you decide that you are too unwell to attend, you can self-certify without the need for medical evidence. More information about self-certification can be found on the self-certification page.

    Remember - we would not expect any student to self-certify more than once in an academic year because the chances of you falling ill on the day of an event assessment more than once in a year are low, so it is important that you only self-certify when you are genuinely ill.

    Please see the Evidence section for information about the sort of evidence required to support an exceptional circumstances application.