Grace Period

  • As you probably know, the University offers students a 24-hour Grace Period for assessments in case you encounter any short-term resolvable problems in the run up to assignment submission. 

    Due to the ongoing global pandemic and our recognition of the increasing rate of transmission and the impact that this is currently having on students in a whole range of different ways that you have told us about, we will be extending this Grace Period to 5 (calendar) days until the end of semester 2.

    What do I need to do?

    You will need to tell us if you need to use the Grace Period by submitting the Exceptional Circumstances Application Form (accessed from the Exceptional Circumstances website) and selecting the 'Grace Period' option. You will need to do this within 24 hours of the assessment deadline. By telling us that you are using the Grace Period, we will recognise that you have engaged with the University’s processes in relation to the assessment in question and you will have an additional 5 (calendar) days from the deadline to submit your work. 

    You will not have to provide any evidence to support your use of the Grace Period. If you already have an extension, either as a result of a full claim for Exceptional Circumstances or as part of an Inclusive Support Plan, your 5-day Grace Period will run from the extended deadline.

    Please do not use the Grace Period if you believe that your circumstances mean that a 5-day extension will not be sufficient. Once you have applied for the Grace Period, it is very unlikely that any further extensions will be given (or practically could be processed in the necessary timeframe) unless your circumstances change significantly after applying for the Grace Period.

    If you do believe that you will need longer than 5 (calendar) days to complete and submit your assignment, then you need to apply for an extension through our Exceptional Circumstances procedure and you can find out the details of that in the Guide to the Exceptional Circumstances Policy (for those studying at one of our partner colleges, please follow your college’s Exceptional Circumstances process).

    For clarity, the Grace Period extension is only to be used for deadline assessments you still have to complete; it cannot be used for modules that you have already received your final result for. Also, it cannot be used for event assessments, eg assessments taken under controlled and timed conditions such as exams, tests and presentations. If you cannot attempt one of these, you must self-certify using the 'I am going to miss my exam' or 'I am going to miss my in-class assessment' option on the Exceptional Circumstances Application Form.

    Please inform your Module Leader if you have applied to use the Grace Period extension.

    Repeated use for the Grace Period

    If you use the Grace Period repeatedly, we are likely to contact you to explore any underlying problems that are stopping you from meeting your deadlines.