Exceptional circumstances and Inclusive Support Plans

  • If you have an Inclusive Support Plan (ISP) in place because of a long-term illness or disability that gives you extra time to complete work for deadline assignments, you can use this extra time whenever you need to without having to submit a claim for exceptional circumstances. Please make sure that you submit within the additional time allowed.

    For example, if your ISP gives you an additional week, you must submit your work no later than one week after the original deadline. 

    For further information about coursework extensions, including instances where they cannot be applied, always check the instructions given in the specific module handbook.

    If you experience a significant flare up of an underlying condition that you can evidence, or if something completely separate is affecting your ability to study or complete an assessment, you can make an application for an extension or a deferral using the exceptional circumstances process in the normal way.

    For example, if you apply for a two-week extension through the EC process and you already have one week through your ISP, your deadline will be three weeks from the original deadline. 

    Waiting for an outcome

    We advise all students to remember that when you’re applying for exceptional circumstances, you should work to the deadline until you have received confirmation that your application has been approved. If you don’t know the outcome of your application, you should submit what work you have done by your deadline (be that the original deadline or a revised deadline because you’re using the extension allowed by the ISP) to ensure that you are eligible for a resit should you need one.

    If you are subsequently told that your application for and extension because of exceptional circumstances has been approved, you will have an opportunity to submit a revised piece of work.

    Grace period

    The grace period intended to be used if something unexpected happens at the last minute when you are submitting work for a deadline assessment. Students who have an extension because of an ISP or a successful exceptional circumstances application (or both) can also use the grace period if the need arises.  For further details on using the grace period, please see Grace Period.