Type B (7 Day Extension)

  • The University offers students up to 7 days extension for ‘deadline’ (coursework) assessments in case you encounter any short-term circumstances in the run up to assignment submission.  

    What do I need to do?

    You will need to tell us if you need to use the 7 day extension (Type B) extension by submitting the Exceptional Circumstances Application Form (accessed from the Exceptional Circumstances website) and selecting the ‘Type B extension’ option. By telling us that you are using the Type B extension, we will recognise that you have engaged with the University’s processes in relation to the assessment in question and you will have up to 7 days from the original deadline to submit your work. Please check the final deadline for extensions on the website or with your module leader as occasionally it will not be possible to grant a full 7 days. 

    You will not have to provide any evidence to support your use of the Type B extension. If you already have an extension as part of an Inclusive Support Plan, your 7 day extension will run from this deadline. Please check the final deadline for extensions on the website or with your module leader as an extension cannot go beyond this date. 

    Please do not use the Type B extension if you believe that your circumstances mean that a 7 day  extension will not be sufficient. You will not be able to submit a Type A request to add an extra 24 hours on to the 7 days.  

    If you do believe that you will need longer than 7 days to complete and submit your assignment, then you need to apply for a Type C extension and you can find out the details of that in the Guide to the Exceptional Circumstances Procedure (for those studying at one of our partner colleges, please follow your college’s Exceptional Circumstances process). 

    Please inform your Module Leader if you have applied to use the Type B extension. 

    What can I not do? 

    Multiple applications 

    You cannot use a Type B more than once for each assignment.  

    You cannot self certify for more than 7 days, so if you later apply for a Type A extension, this will not be counted, i.e. the maximum extension you could have is 7 days. If you need any more, you would need to apply for Type C, with evidence. 

    You cannot add a Type B request after the outcome of a Type C. If you need more than the extension granted, you would need to apply for another Type C. 

    Repeated use of the Type B extension 

    If you use the Type B extension repeatedly, we are likely to contact you to explore any underlying problems that are stopping you from meeting your deadlines and we may withdraw access to self certifying.