Type C: Full Exceptional Circumstances Application

  • The University can offer students extensions and opportunities to take an assessment again when a student has demonstrated they have exceptional circumstances. Type Cs are to be used when a student needs more than a 7 day extension or they are applying later than 48 hours after the submission deadline or after an event assessment.

    These applications require evidence where possible, or a full explanation of why evidence cannot be obtained 

    What do I need to do?

    You will need to tell us if you need to apply by using the Exceptional Circumstances Application Form and selecting the ‘Type C’ option. 

    You should tell us:

    • what has happened, the impact upon your ability to study and/or take assessments. Please note that this will be read by an independent panel, so give as much detail as necessary. Do not assume because you have told another staff member, that the panel will have this information.
    • if you are requesting an extension or an opportunity to retake the assessment.

    Continue working on your assessment after submitting an application (you may not be awarded exceptional circumstances and if you have not handed work in, you will fail).

    Please note, if you are awarded another opportunity to take the assessment again, any work you have already submitted will not be marked and you will have to take the assessment again at a later date.

    Therefore, please consider carefully if you need to apply for exceptional circumstances.

    You should provide evidence to support your Type C application - see information about evidence

    If you already have an extension as part of an Inclusive Support Plan, your 7 day extension will be in addition to any allowance given as part of exceptional circumstances. Please check the final deadline for extensions on the website or with your module leader as an extension cannot go beyond this date. 

    Students studying at one of our partner colleges, please follow your college’s Exceptional Circumstances process. 

    What can I not do? 

    Multiple applications 

    You cannot use add a Type A or Type B request after the outcome of a Type C. If you need more than the extension granted, you would need to apply for another Type C.