• Mitigating circumstances

    The University defines mitigating circumstances as:

    'Circumstances which are beyond the control of the student and which could not be reasonably accommodated by the student and which seriously impair performance in assessment.'


    The deadline for submitting on-time mitigating circumstances applications is 23:59pm the day before your results are published on PIP. The results release date for each session are displayed below your current module selections on your Record and Results page on PIP.

    If you apply after your results have been released, and your application is accepted, you won't be eligible for a resit in the assessment in which you were affected. Your mark for that module will be disregarded and you'll be given the opportunity to take the module again without charge.

    If there is no release date listed, please contact csa@brookes.ac.uk.

    Where to find information

    For information and advice about mitigating circumstances and how to apply, please refer to the following:


    For students applying for more than one week's extension, it is important to provide all necessary evidence to support your application. If you are unable to obtain evidence, please email studentrecords@brookes.ac.uk to confirm that this is the case.

    Your request will only be considered once the evidence has been provided or the University has received your email confirming that you are unable to provide evidence to support your claim.