• Enrolment is the process via which your personal and academic details (e.g. your course of study details) are checked and confirmed, and how confirmation of course fee payment details are submitted.

    If at any point you have a question about your enrolment/status, please contact Student Central.

    New students

    Once you have completed face-to-face enrolment and have received your student ID card and Portal Password, you will be able to log on to your PIP and view your programme of study. New full-time students will have a programme of study automatically added for the first year.

    • Please contact your Academic Adviser or Student Support Co-ordinator if your programme of study is not displayed on PIP or you wish to make changes.
    • You are free to change the modules that have been selected for you as long as the new programme of study is practicable and satisfies the course/subject requirements and regulations.

    Continuing students

    All students must re-enrol every twelve months to confirm their attendance, update their personal details and pay any outstanding fees. Students who do not complete their re-enrolment will ultimately have their access to University facilities withdrawn (e.g. email, library, PC network, PIP etc).

    The University will send an email to your Oxford Brookes email account when it is time for you to re-enrol, so it is important that you check your Oxford Brookes email account regularly. Once you have received this email you will be able to re-enrol via PIP. To do so simply:

    • Log in to PIP

    • Select the 'My Enrolments & Accounts' tab

    • Click the 'Online Enrolment' link

    • Follow the on-screen instructions

    • View the ' Guide to Online Enrolment' for further information

    Should you encounter any difficulties with your academic enrolment, please contact Student Central.

    Should you encounter any difficulties with your financial enrolment, please contact the Student Finance team, either by telephone on 01865 483088, or by email at finance-fees@brookes.ac.uk.