Error messages in PIP

  • It is your responsibility to manage your programme and take the necessary actions to resolve any error messages that show on your 'Record and Results' page in PIP.

    If the programme of study you have registered for does not meet the requirements of your award, then PIP will generate error messages and warnings to indicate what the problem may be.

    Don't ignore error messages

    It is important that you do not ignore any error messages on your PIP page as they mean that your programme is incorrect and this may prevent you from graduating by your expected completion date.

    Guide to Programme Error/Warning Messages »

    If you do not understand any errors or warnings that are showing on your PIP page, it is important that you seek advice and take the necessary action as soon as possible. If you need programme advice, please do not hesitate to contact your Academic Adviser, Student Support Co-ordinator or Student Central. Please contact the Programme Support Team for students on the Undergraduate Modular Programme or the Course and Student Administration Team for all other courses of study.