Leaving the University

  • Information and advice for students thinking of leaving the University.

    If you are unhappy at the University or with your course and are considering withdrawing, we would advise you to speak to your Academic Adviser and/or Student Support Co-ordinator. Brookes Union Advice Service are also on hand for advice.

    If you are in receipt of funding from Student Finance England, you should also contact them to ascertain what the implications of leaving the course might be.

    If you are leaving the University because of financial reasons, we may be able to help.  Please contact the Financial Aid team.

    If you still wish to withdraw after seeking advice, then you should ensure you have settled any outstanding finances with the University (eg Accommodation / Tuition fees, etc). If you formally withdraw within four weeks of the start of semester, the University will normally refund tuition fees. Please see the refund section on the Student Finance Office web pages.  

    To request to withdraw from the University, you should complete: 

    M200 Permanent Withdrawal Form (Undergraduate students) »

    F200 Permanent Withdrawal Form (Postgraduate students) »

    Please contact the Student Record and Curriculum Management Team if you have any queries.

    International students

    If you are an international student on a Tier 4/Student visa, please contact the International Student Advice Team about the visa implications of leaving your course before making your final decision.