Managing your academic record

  • You can view your programme of study via the 'My Record & Results' page on Student Information.

    The 'My Record & Results' page includes:

    • Details of your Academic Adviser, Programme Lead and Student Support Co-ordinator
      Your Academic Adviser/Student Support Co-ordinator should provide guidance regarding the modules that need to be taken throughout your course.
    • Modules taken with results
      Your programme of study so far, showing when you took the modules (in which academic session) and your results to date.
    • Your future programme
      The modules registered in your programme of study in future academic sessions.
    • Summary
      Your Summary of results displays how many (acceptable) modules you have passed thus far. 
    • The ability to add/delete modules from your programme
      You should try to register a programme of study with an even load of modules in each semester. If you are an UMP student, you are required to add your Stage II programme of study in Semester 2 of your first year (by 11.59pm on Monday of Week 10). Part-time students can do this in the second semester of their second year. If you are a PG student, the deadline for adding/deleting modules is week 4 of the Semester in which the module runs. 
    • Error messages and warnings indicating a problem with your programme 
      Once you have added your programme, please remember to select 'Save programme'. You will be unable to save your programme if the changes have increased the number of errors displayed on your 'Record & Results' page on Student Information. Please see Error messages for more guidance.

    If you believe any of this information is incorrect, please contact Student Central as soon as possible.