Modes of study

  • A full-time student will normally register for at least 6 and no more than 10 module credits in an academic year. 
    If your course includes a placement or year abroad, you will be registered on a sandwich mode of study. It is possible to change from full time to sandwich and vice-versa if you wish (unless a Placement or Year Abroad is compulsory for your course. Please see your course handbook).

    Part-time students can register up to 5 module credits in a year with a maximum of 3 in any one semester.  

    Students who enter their course on a part time mode of study are not permitted to change to full time in their first year of study. After this, it is possible to change from part time to full time by completing the appropriate form (see below) and submitting it to Student Central. If your request is approved you will need to adjust your programme accordingly. Please note that you must remain on the same mode of study for a full academic year, unless you are required to change to part time to complete a final semester at the end of your course.

    If you are an international student on a Tier 4/Student visa, please contact the International Student Advice Team about the visa implications of changing your mode of study to part time.

    This mode is NOT available to students on the UMP programme.

    Distance learning students will study mainly away from campus except for occasional intensive study weeks, on-campus seminars or field trips. All modules have a site within the University's Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle), and it will be via Moodle that distance learning students will primarily engage with their course content. Module leaders will post up lectures, notes, videos and other material to Moodle for students to access and discussion boards and quizzes can also be hosted within Moodle. Distance learning students typically have access to their module tutors via the Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle), email, telephone and Skype.

    Most distance learning students are considered part time so will take 5 modules or less each academic year.

    If you wish to change your mode of study, please refer to Student Request Forms.