Students admitted with credit

  • Students can be admitted with module credits for previous study. These are added to those that they pass at Brookes to meet the normal requirements for an award.

    Modules for which credit has been given may not be taken and counted to the requirements for an award. Similarly, a student who qualifies for exemption from a module because of previous study, may not include it in his/her programme. Please note that for a student with funding from Student Finance England or other sponsor, the requirements for completion of a satisfactory full-time year do not include any credited module.

    Students admitted with credit should read the Credit Transfer Guide.

    Undergraduate Modular Programme

    Students admitted with credit must always pass at least 8 Level 5 / Level 6 Honours acceptable module credits on the Undergraduate Modular Programme at Oxford Brookes University to qualify for an Honours degree. Students admitted with credit for two single subjects do at least two module credits in each subject at Oxford Brookes. To qualify for other awards, the minimum is always 6 module credits.