Summary of results

  • You can view a summary of your results via the 'Record and Results' tab in PIP.

    The summary shows the total number of modules passed and taken. It also shows the way in which those passed contribute to meeting the requirements for an award.

    Below are some example summaries:

    Summary of results 1



    This is an example of a first year student’s summary on the Undergraduate Modular Programme.It shows the number of Level 4 (Stage I) modules passed and the current Grade Point Average – GPA. Please note only students entering the Undergraduate Modular Programme from September 2013 will show a GPA.

    Summary of results 2

    This is an example of a student in the 2nd year of a Joint Honours degree on the Undergraduate Modular Programme. The summary shows the total number of modules passed, the Level and which modules are acceptable to the student’s subject. It also shows how many acceptable modules have been passed in each subject.

    For further information about programme structure on the Undergraduate Modular Programme, please see Programme advice and support.

    Summary of results 3

    This is an example of a Postgraduate student summary.

    Please refer to the PIP Student Guide (PDF) for more information.