Types and names of awards

  • Designation of award (BA or BSC)

    Subjects are designated as Arts, Science or Neutral (please refer to the Regulations). If you are an Undergraduate student and you qualify in subjects designated Arts + Science or Neutral + Neutral, you may be awarded either a BA or BSc by the Examinations Committee. You should notify the Student Information and Records Team of your preference using Form M39. If you have not exercised your choice by the last day of semester at the end of which your award is made, you will be awarded a BSc.

    If you are registered for two single subjects, you may also use Form M39 to specify the order in which your subjects will be listed on your certificate.

    Leaving with a lower award

    If you decide that you want to change your award aim (ie the award that you are studying towards), then the first thing you should do is speak with your Student Support Co-ordinator and/or Academic Adviser. They will be able to give you advice and guidance about making the change.

    If you still wish to make the change after seeking advice, then you need to complete the following:

    If you are studying for an Undergraduate award please use the Form M39 if you wish to leave the course with a BA, BSc, BEng or LLB degree without Honours (Ordinary degree), Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE) or Certificate of Higher Education (Cert HE), either as soon as you have met the requirements of the award or if you have not met the Honours requirements by a specific date.

    For Postgraduate students there will typically only be a few awards available on your course: the main award that you are aiming for and a selection of lower 'exit' awards. For example, if you enrol to do an MSc, then a Postgraduate Diploma and a Postgraduate Certificate may be available as an exit award if you aren't successful in complete your course or if you choose to leave before meeting the requirements of the MSc. Details of the awards available to you can be found in the Programme Specification and Course Handbook. To request a change to your award please complete an F39 Form

    Students may notify the Student Records and Curriculum Management team such decisions at any time during their course, but must do so by the end of their penultimate semester otherwise the conferment of their award may be delayed.