Your results explained

  • Results are available via 'My Record & Results' in your Student Information.

    Individual results of modules are not given out over the telephone so please do not interrupt, and therefore delay, the processing of examination results by trying to obtain them in this way. The date that your results will be released will be advertised on your Student Information. From this date, you will be able to view your module results, any examination letters and, if you are a graduating student, the award that you have obtained on your Student Information.

    You should not expect module leaders to give you your results before the Examination Committee has met. If you do learn in advance either your mark or whether you have passed or failed and the published result is different, you do not have an automatic right to challenge it since it is the Examination Committee which approve marks and grades. This principle also applies to resits and to dissertations and projects.

    Unable to access your results

    If you are unable to access your results, please contact Student Central for advice. However it may be because:

    • you didn’t show your student card at your exam(s), if so please take your student card to Student Central, or
    • you have outstanding fees/library fines to pay. Please contact the Student Finance Office.

    Disagree with results

    If, when you receive your results, you think there is some mistake because you had enough feedback during the previous semester to be fairly confident about predicting your performance, please discuss the matter with the Module Leader and the Programme Lead of your course.

    Please note that it is not possible to alter your result simply because you disagree with the marker about your level of performance. You may be able to ask for a review of the Examination Committee’s decision on your results (commonly called an appeal) on specified grounds such as some unknown factor which affected your performance or a material irregularity in the assessment. Further information about the review procedure can be found on the Student Investigation and Resolution Team website. Please note that at request for a review must be lodged within four weeks of the publication of results.

    If you have a complaint about the teaching or supervision on your course, this can be dealt with under the University’s Student Complaint Procedure (PDF).