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  • Your Student Information

    The way the University manages your student information is changing and activities that you would normally do in PIP are starting to move into the new Student Information system. 

    (NB this information is largely for returning students, but if you are a brand new student, you may like to take a look at the short online enrolment video below.)

    Remaining in PIP

    Activities that will remain in PIP for the time being are:

    • Your records and results 

    Moved to Student Information

    Activities that have moved include:

    Temporary new home

    Activities that have a temporary new home are:

    Uploading your photo!

    New students - If you have completed academic and financial enrolment but not yet uploaded a photo, you can do this by logging into Student Information, selecting 'Online Enrolment' from the left hand menu and scrolling to the bottom of the page to select the button that says 'Upload photo'. This button will only appear when you have completed both academic and financial enrolment.

    Getting your photo sorted will make collecting you student ID card much easier once you arrive.

    Returning students - If you wish to change your photo, you can do this by logging into your Student Information and selecting 'Your Personal Information' from the left hand menu.

    Video tutorials

    Online Enrolment

    Module Registration

    My Programme Requirements (Quick Guide)

    Module Registration

    Registering Modules