• Student Request Forms

    Forms for the Undergraduate Programmes (UMP/ AFR)

    Available below is a list of the forms needed by Undergraduate (UMP/ AFR) students to make changes to their programme. Each section contains an explanation of the form and the deadline for submitting the form to Student Central.

  • The primary method for adding and deleting modules is the Module Registration facility on your Student Information.

    If you need to add and/or delete modules for next academic year during the appropriate Module Registration Window and have not yet attempted this on Student Information, please do this now.

    Please contact your Academic Adviser or Student Support Co-ordinator if you need to add or delete modules to your programme for the current academic year. They will consider your request.

    If you realise that you need extra writing or language support you can add an Academic English module to your programme outside of the normal module registration window. You can add a module for the following semester at any time and you can add or delete a module for the current semester up until the deadline for the first assignment. 

    If you are an undergraduate student and you would like to add or delete an Academic English module please contact either the module leader or email academicdev@brookes.ac.uk.

    Students wishing to enrol on / delete a free language module should refer to the instructions on the free languages website

    You can use the M37 Form to change your mode of study from full time to part time or vice versa.

    If you receive funding from the Student Loans Company, a change to your mode of study can affect the tuition fees you pay or the amount of loans funding you receive. If you are part time you may not be eligible for an Oxford Brookes bursary. Please contact slcfunding@brookes.ac.uk for further information

    For more information, see Modes of study .

    Form M37 »

    You can use the M38 Form to change your mode of study from full time to sandwich or vice versa. For more information, see Modes of study.

    If you receive funding from the Student Loans Company, a change to your mode of study can affect the tuition fees you pay or the amount of loans funding you receive. If you are part time you may not be eligible for an Oxford Brookes bursary. Please contact  slcfunding@brookes.ac.uk for further information

    Form M38 »

    You can use the M201 Form prior to the end of Week 7 to request time out from your course. For more information, please refer to the Time out from your course page

    If you are an international student, please read the "International students" section of the form carefully so that you fully understand the implications of completing this form.

    Complete the online M201 Form (Moodle form) »

    If you are a new student enrolled in your first semester of study you will need to request to defer your place until the next available admission point, by completing the M200 Permanent Voluntary Withdrawal.

    You should use this form when making a late request for Temporary Withdrawal after Week 7 of the semester for which you are making the request.

    For more information regarding taking time out please refer to Time out from your course.

    Please note the deadline for late temporary withdrawal requests is Wednesday of Week 13 of the semester in which you are requesting temporary withdrawal from. It is not possible to request temporary withdrawal for a previous semester.

    Complete the online M201L Form (Moodle form) »

    You can use the M200 Form to permanently withdraw from your course. For more information about permanently withdrawing withdrawing from your programme, please see Leaving the University

    If you are fully enrolled and in your first semester of study, you can use the M200 Form to defer your studies to the next available entry point. If this request is submitted after week 4 of the first semester you will be liable for tuition fees. When using this form to request deferral please select the leaving reason'Deferred entry to a later date'. 

    It is advised that you consult your Student Support Coordinator or Academic Adviser regarding this change, prior to submitting the form.

    If you are unable to attend an exam at scheduled date/time, you can apply for a Changed Assessment Arrangement by Week 10 of the given semester if it your reason is one of the following:

    • religious observance
    • military service
    • international/University representation in a sports event
    • similar activities undertaken by a dependent of the student for which there is a demonstrable support requirement on the student

    Notable exclusions: Holidays, weddings, job interviews, work experience and travel arrangements (eg going home).

    Evidence required: A letter from an official of the given authority/organization.

    The changed examination date will normally be within the relevant resit examination session. If you need to change a resit examination date, then an alternative date that enables your progression will be agreed.

    How to apply

    Step 1 Get a letter from your sports coach, minister of faith or military supervisor stating the reason you cannot attend the examination and the dates when you will be unavailable.
    Step 2 Complete the Change Exam Date/Time Application Form, making sure you have provided all details
    Step 3 Send the letter to the exams office.
    Step 4 You will be emailed to confirm that your application has been approved and what the alternative arrangement will be. Ensure that you are able to attend the new date
    Step 5 Check your results on Student Information to ensure that the module is showing a ZE grade if your date has been moved to the resit session.

    Changing your coursework deadline

    It is also possible to request a coursework deadline change for the same reasons. You should download and complete the coursework extension form and submit it with suitable evidence to the module leader.

    CAS Request Form

    You will need a Confirmation of Acceptance to Study, known as a CAS, to apply for a Student visa (previously Tier 4). For full details on how to request a CAS, visit the International Student Advice Team website.


    You can use the M39 Form (Word .doc) if you are one of the below:

    • A BED/BA/BSc/LLB/BEng student not wishing to take honours.
    • A BA/BSc Honours Stage II student taking neutral subjects or one arts and one science subject.
    • Intending to leave your course after completing a Diploma in Higher Education, Certificate in Higher Education or Foundation Diploma programme.


    You can use the S170 Form to change your name. 


    You can use the M101 Form to request a subject change. For more information please refer to Subject Changes under Programme Advice and Support.

    Timetabling Request Form

    You can use the Timetabling Request Form (Word .doc) to request a change in your timetable.