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    You told us you wanted to see our ‘More Books’ programme running regularly- providing you with the books YOU choose.

    We ran ‘More Books 2018’ and invested over £20,000 on 420 new books for the library, chosen by you.

    You told us you received too many emails from the library about the status of the books you’d borrowed.

    We’ve reduced the number of emails we send and simplified our book loan policy.

    You told us you liked our new Library Help Live Chat service and requested we extend this.

    We’ve significantly increased the number of library staff who can answer your questions via Library Help and have extended the operating hours of the service.

    You told us that finding a study space in the JHBB library can be difficult at certain times.

    We’ve created more study spaces on the first and fourth floors of the library and are looking for further opportunities to create study space.

    You told us that finding library resources can be difficult given the sheer volume of material and the different formats available.

    We launched our ‘LibrarySearch’ tool, making it easier for you to navigate and discover the resources that you need.


    You told us we should do more in halls to raise awareness of mental health issues.

    We’ve invested in mental health training for our hall wardens and promoted Mental Health Day across all of our halls.

    International students

    You told us that we could improve our meet and greet service for international students arriving on campus over arrivals weekend.

    We ensured all international students arriving at our Headington Campus are now met by international student helpers and quickly taken to their halls of residence.

    You told us that transport for international students arriving in Oxford during arrivals weekend could be better.

    We’ve extended the operating hours of our transport service and included a taxi service for students arriving out of hours.

    You told us you wanted more opportunities to join our Global Buddies programme.

    We’ve increased the spaces on our Global Buddies programme to enable all students to join.

    Social activities

    You wanted a better arrivals experience and more opportunities to get to know other students.

    We have prepared personalised arrivals booklets for new students and held the biggest Arrivals Festival yet, with live music and 1,300 free burgers!

    Brookes Union campaigned for you

    You told us you wanted a variety of student events throughout the academic year.

    We organised a jam-packed programme of events - including welcome events across halls, a trip to Thorpe Park, an Arrivals tea party, Therapy Dogs and a Zorb football event- to name just a few! And Brookes Union organised many, many more...

    You told us you wanted a tool to help budget for your time at university.

    We created an online rent calculator to enable you to understand the real costs of renting in Oxford.