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  • You wanted to see lecture materials before classes.

    We have committed to make materials available 24 hours before lectures via Moodle.

    Brookes Union campaigned for you

    Sometimes you have late lectures and nothing is open on campus.

    We have worked hard to ensure that, wherever possible, evening lectures are held in common areas where serviced/self-serve amenities (including coffee!) are available. Many already are and we're looking to expand this.

    Brookes Union campaigned for you

    You told us our timetabling system sometimes doesn't work for you.

    We've simplified the system to make choosing modules more straightforward.

    You told us it’s sometimes difficult to access academic support.

    We’ve asked all academic staff to dedicate at least two hours a week for meeting students.

    You told us to make the mitigating circumstances process easier to follow.

    We have reviewed the process and will consult on proposed changes this academic year.