Dynamic, multi-faceted learning

Oxford Brookes University offers multi-faceted ways of developing your knowledge and pursuing your studies. In addition to more conventional teaching, you’ll be able to learn from your peers, the community around you and through the University’s many contacts and resources.

Just some of these learning channels include a postgraduate community that is continually developing organically around the interests of its students, and community engagement activities where you get to share your passion for your subject with local people.

Many courses also offer the practical application of your learning through industry placements, professional skills development and much more.

7 reasons to choose Oxford Brookes

Here are just some of the things Nikki Green (featured below) valued as a postgraduate:

  • Oxford – being in one of the most historic cities in the world is continually inspiring
  • the Bodleian Library – you have access to such an amazing, ancient resource
  • the Brookes culture – it's welcoming and egalitarian, not arrogant or elitist
  • the support network – help is always on hand, whatever you need
  • lecturers who are generous with their time – they always make time to see you, regardless of the query
  • careers advice that is top notch – they’re highly professional and everything is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances
  • the emphasis on interdisciplinarity – for instance my course included an understanding of law and human rights, which has benefited me in my current role.

Going global: Learning that will take you anywhere

Nikki Green is the HR and Administrative Manager at Prime Research, a global agency specialising in strategic media communications, analysis and consulting. She studied part time for an MA in International Studies.

“I enjoyed a great network of fellow postgraduates and we became a band of Brookes ‘study buddies’ and mates. We learnt from each other - sharing ideas and thinking on all sorts of topics across our various disciplines - and had fun together. ”

Nicki Green, HR and Administrative Manager

Photo of Nikki Green

Inspiring academics…

“It was the lecturers - Lucy Ford and Gary Browning, in particular – who inspired me to continue my BA with an MA. I didn’t want to leave and wanted to go back for more – and it had to be Brookes or nowhere. They had a knack of asking those potent, probing questions that would wake up even the most apathetic students and challenge their attitudes and thinking.

Lucy in particular opened my eyes to the global importance of environmental issues – and how they link into so many areas of international relations and human existence – of which global security and geo-political issues are just two examples.

…and dynamic peer learning

Our social life and our learning often merged into one – we’d eat out and talk about our work at the same time, go to the library together and generally be supportive of each other. Our debates weren’t confined to campus – we’d discuss and bounce ideas around in the most unlikely of times and places, such as during the Eurovision song contest.

Sometimes our tutors would join in our social activities - part of what I loved about Brookes was being treated as an equal by the academics. They didn’t patronise or talk down to me but valued my opinions as much as those of their peers. And they really go the extra mile to help you succeed in whatever field interests you – whether it’s securing a particular job, obtaining research funding or other goals and aspirations you might have.”

Competition mooting helps make careers

Mooting provides students with hands-on experience of practising a skill essential to law – the oral presentation of a legal issue or problem against an opposing counsel or before a judge. It is perhaps the closest experience you will get to working in a court, building up both your oral advocacy and confidence in your abilities.

Winning nationally

The GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) mooting team, Jonathan Goddard and Brendan Brett, won the Inner Temple Inter-Varsity Mooting Competition, competing against thirty-two teams from universities and law schools across the UK. It is the second time in three years that Oxford Brookes has won this prestigious national mooting competition.

Two further GDL students, Nicole Kapu and Duncan Graves, then defeated Northumbria University in the Grand Final of the ESU/Essex Court National Mooting Competition, which took place in the Royal Courts of Justice.

Mooting competition photo