Professional and industry links

Oxford Brookes has extensive links with leading employers and industry figures. We can link you into professional networks - giving you the contacts to flourish in your chosen career.

In recent years, Oxford Brookes has played host to a diverse array of over 500 employers, ranging from local SMEs to prominent international corporations

At the heart of our ethos is a commitment to infuse innovation into every aspect of business. Oxford Brookes proudly sponsored the OXBA award in the Purposeful Business category. And partnering with a top Sustainability charity, we've crafted and implemented a cutting-edge sustainability program in the county. We are also honored to be recognised by the Government as providers for the Help to Grow program, making us your go-to choice for business success.

For students, mentoring from professionals is available on some courses - including the Graduate Diploma in Law where students are mentored by barristers, many of whom are Oxford Brookes graduates.

“Encouraging innovation and enterprise is a must for any university, but Oxford Brookes excels at forging strong business links and providing first-hand industry experience.”

CBI: 50 Years of Business Innovation

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