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If you're paying your student tuition or accommodation fees in full or part payments, or have sponsorship support, read the information here to make sure your online payments are made correctly.

You can also find details about paying your commercial invoice, international admission fees, and how to stay on track with your payments and who to ask when you need help.

Oxford Brookes University welcomes all major cards for safe and convenient payment online, as well as international bank transfer, and commercial invoices. 

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Make a payment

Card payments

1. Enrolled students

You can view your account and pay your tuition fees,  or for graduation tickets by logging in to your accounts page on Student Information. 

For accommodation fees, you can pay online via your Accommodation Portal.

2. Parents and carers, Sponsors or Paying on a students behalf

If you are paying on a student's behalf, you can us our online payment system to pay for tuition, accommodation, deposits or graduation tickets. Any amount from £10 to the full balance can be paid. You will need the student ID and date of birth when making the payment.

3. Applicant deposit

If a deposit payment for tuition is needed to secure a place on a course, the Admissions Team will inform you of this.

Further information and how to pay

4. Online shop

Short courses, events and other products and services can be paid via the university's online shop.

5. Commercial invoice

Payment for commercial invoices can be made via this online payment page.   

Customers will need to quote the following information from the invoice supplied:

  • invoice number
  • customer number

Bank transfers

6. Bank transfer for all types of payments

Payment by bank transfer can be made through our online payment system. For tuition, accommodation, deposits and graduation tickets.

Payment dates, instalment dates, and refunds

7. Tuition instalments

You can pay your tuition fees in full at the start of the academic year or in two equal instalments at the start of each semester in September and January.

Instalments for 2022-2023 (semester)

  • Semester 1 payment is due on 26 September 2022
  • Semester 2 payment is due on 30 January 2023

There is a 3-payment option for courses which have a 3-term structure.

Instalments for 2022-2023 (term)

  • Term 1 payment is due on 26 September 2022 
  • Term 2 payment is due on 30 January 2023 
  • Term 3 payment is due on 1 June 2023

8. Accommodation instalments

When you accept your contract, you can select your preferred instalment plan. Whichever you choose, the total price is always the same. You can also change your instalment plan later if you wish.

  • One payment - you can pay the full amount at the beginning of your tenancy.
  • Three instalments - You can choose to pay in three instalments which coincide with when you receive your student loan. The dates for 2022/23 are 4 October 2022, 6 February 2023 and 20 April 2023. This option is designed for UK students using a Higher Education Maintenance Loan from the Student Loans Company. If you choose this option, your full contract will be split into (approximate) thirds and charged to you on the above dates. Please note that the three payment dates do not directly coincide with the period of time you are paying for.

Eight instalments - rental changes are payable on the first day of each month.

9. Refunds and fee liability

For information about refunds and fee liability please refer to our refund policy

Sanctions and fraud awareness


We do not accept payments from the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, or Crimea.

Fraud Awareness - advice for students

Students are asked to be aware of tuition fee fraud scams - see fraud awareness information here (English version), and fraud awareness information here (Mandarin version).

For information on types of fraud and advice on avoiding becoming a victim of fraud please visit the Don't be fooled website. The website is a partnership between UK Finance and Cifas. It aims to inform students and young people about the risks of giving out their bank details, and deter them from becoming money mules.

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University debt policy

The University's  Student Debt Policy can be found in the University Regulations.