OB1 Live 06: International Student Architecture Festival 2010

OB1 LIVE 06 participants designed and brought a prototype INFO_BENCH, made of recycled materials sourced locally to Oxford and Stratford for the International Student Architecture Festival 2010. Along with other participants from other universities, students sited the INFO_BENCH in a public space chosen for the parity of context with Mount Place in Oxford - local housing, canal and common under-used public realm.

For day one in Mount Place, a 'Have Your Say' salon for the local community. On day two, the bench activated the space with a participatory function - from being a photo-op to a place to have lunch to a stop off point along the fragmented Greenway.


Tash Barry, Valentina Billios, Sarah Bevan, Debbie Botham, Jack Case, Joe Chilvers, Joe Giddings, Matt Gibbs, Helena Howard, Vaagisha Kapur, Ryan Kingsnorth, Marko Milovanovic, Stiliyana Minkovska, Charlie Palmer, Joe Penn, Louisa Preece, Bryony Preston, Shaun Ryder, Matt Sawyer, Dan Sweeting, Grace Wong, Sarish Younis


Colin Priest and Jane Anderson

Project image

Concept Sketch by Joe Chilvers