Why Choose Brookes Lettings

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  • Why choose Brookes Lettings?

    Our full-managed scheme is aimed at busy property owners who may not be resident in Oxford of Swindon, but have a property they want to let, without the hassle of managing it themselves. If you live more locally and have access to your own maintenance personnel you may prefer to go part-managed. Please get in touch with us to discuss the different options and costs.

    All we ask of you is that your property is safe and of a good standard for our students (see ‘is your property ready to let’. There are some great reasons to let your property through us:

    • We guarantee your rent: you don't have to worry if your property isn't let, you won't be out of pocket
    • We protect your property: we inspect all properties, produce inventories and ensure that all properties are kept in good order by tenants
    • We will find tenants for you: Oxford Brookes University has over 17,000 students, and we do all the work to find students to live in your property, so you can relax
    • We deal with any problems: we will fix any problems and sort out any issues with tenants, so you don't have to
    • Any damages will be reimbursed: you don't have to worry about deducting any money from deposits to compensate yourself, we will sort it out for you
    • 24 hour maintenance service: if there is an emergency at your property, we have staff on hand to deal with it 24 hours a day
    • Guaranteed vacant possession: in our capacity as the university that your tenants attend, we have the ability to ensure they leave at the end of their contract
    • We won't charge you any hidden costs: you will get a monthly rent payment from us, and we won't charge you any management or administrative fees