Finding other accommodation

  • Finding other accommodation

    Most of our students choose to live in university accommodation. However, if you're planning to move into private rented accommodation then we recommend you check out some of the following sources of advice before you sign a tenancy agreement.  

    The basics

    finding other accommodation

    There are a lot of letting agencies in Oxford and the services they offer will vary. To help, Brookes Union have produced a Guide to House Hunting.

    To secure private accommodation, you will typically need to pay a booking fee, damage deposit and one month's rent in advance. The standard amount for a deposit is 6 weeks' rent. Some agencies may charge other fees. Additionally, some properties require a UK guarantor - a person who agrees to cover your rent in the event that you cannot pay it. You will also need to undergo right to rent checks to prove you can legally live in the UK. 

    As the quality of private lets varies, we strongly advise that you arrange to view the property before agreeing to the contract.

    Help and advice

    Brookes Union Advice Service

    • Advice on where to find private lets
    • Information on tenancy agreements
    • Problems with private landlords

    UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)

    • Factors to consider when renting
    • An explanation of costs
    • Immigration checks, including ‘Right to Rent' checks

    Guarantor services

    If your property requires a guarantor and no individual person is able to take on this role for you, Housing Hand UK provide a guarantor service for UK and international students.