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  • Overview

    Sinnet Court and the two Windmill Road halls, Edna Rose and Champneys Court, are managed by A2Dominion. They are popular options with our continuing students.

    All three halls are self-catered with spacious, en suite rooms. Rooms are arranged in cluster flats of 4, 5 or 6 bedrooms, sharing a kitchen/communal space. Sinnet Court houses 200 students, and the Windmill Road halls house a further 49.


    Academic year 2018/19

    • Ensuite single study bedrooms: £138.04 per week for a 50 week contract

    What's included?

    The price includes all of your utility bills and free travel on our BROOKESbus network.


    There is a reservation fee of £250, which converts to a deposit at the start of your tenancy. You must also pay a month’s rent (£861.50) before you move in.

    You will be required to take out contents insurance with Endsleigh Insurance via a one-off payment of £14, payable to the A2Dominion Accommodation Office ahead of the start of your tenancy.

    Pros and Cons


    • Good bus links to all our campuses, Oxford city centre and London
    • You get your own ensuite bathroom
    • Only continuing students live in these halls
    • Sinnet Court is in the Cowley area and the Windmill Road halls are very close to Headington
    • Uses the Oxford Brookes internet and wifi systems
    • Has own maintenance team and on-site launderette


    • You need to clean your ensuite bathroom
    • Only longer contracts are available in these halls, which may not be suitable for all students

    Virtual Tour



    Sinnet Court is just off the Cowley Road, close to the U5 and U5X University bus routes to the Wheatley and Headington campuses. Alternatively you can cycle from this hall to your lectures on other sites. It is in the Cowley area, which is very popular among students with its range of coffee shops, restaurants, bars and clubs.

    Edna Rose and Champneys Court are on Windmill Road, very close to the centre of Headington with its range of shops, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants. It is close to the U1 bus route giving easy access to the Wheatley and Harcourt Hill campuses, as well as the Oxford Tube/X90 route to London. 

    Address: Sinnet Court, Southfield Road, Oxford, OX4 1FY or Edna Rose/Champneys Court, Windmill Road, Oxford, OX3 7BZ

    In detail

    Your room

    Bedrooms are furnished with a bed-base and mattress, mattress protector, desk and desk chair, reading lamp, wardrobe and curtains, pinboards for posters and an en suite shower room.

    Your contract

    These are third-party hall managed by A2Dominion. Any tenancy for this accommodation is subject to their terms and conditions, which may differ from the terms and conditions of other university-managed halls. 

    Sinnet Court and the Windmill Road halls offer a longer length contract for students who wish to stay in their university accommodation into the summer. Contracts for the 2018/19 academic year run from Saturday 3 September 2018 to Saturday 17 August 2019.

    Residents are admitted to the hall and may continue to reside only if they give and abide by an undertaking not to keep a car in Oxford whilst resident in the hall.

    The hall

    On-site facilities include an on-site launderette. The Hall Office is available as a source of advice and information.