• Current students

    Shared Houses

    We offer houses for students who want to live with group of friends, and individuals looking for others to share with. We also have some one or two bedroom flats for students who wish to live on their own or with a partner.

    There is plenty of accommodation in Oxford, so don't feel rushed to sign a housing contract early in the academic year. We recommend taking some time to get to know Oxford before committing to a property.

    Please check our housing list for the latest vacancies.

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  • Why choose Brookes Lettings?

    • No deposit needed - unlike letting agents, we don’t charge a deposit.
    • Save money - our latest research found that our average room costs 18% less than the market average. You can also choose to pay your rent in instalments which coincide with your student loan payments. Click here for information on payments.
    • A fair contract - Letting agents will usually have ‘joint and several liability’ contracts, meaning you can be held responsible if your housemate leaves or doesn’t pay their rent. Our contracts are individual, just for you and your room. If you have to withdraw from university we will cancel your contract without any charges.
    • Flexible - if we have a vacancy in another property, you can move to a different house if you wish to.
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    • Check our housing list to see the properties which are available for students returning in September. 
    • You can book the shared houses online via the Accommodation Portal
    • We strongly recommend you view a property before booking it.
    • You’ll need to select your specific room when you book so that we can issue you with the correct contract. The rooms will be listed a ‘GFF’ (Ground Floor Front), ‘FFB’ (First Floor Back), etc.
    • Please note that if you have any outstanding rent payments due then you will not be able to book accommodation for next year. You will need to pay your balance first.
    • Bookings are first-come first-served basis. If the property you want is booked by someone else, you may wish to check back later for cancellations.

    • You can book a property as a group by creating a group on the Accommodation Portal. We recommend you create you group in advance as it will save you time when bookings open. Groups can be created from 30 January onwards.
    • Nominate a group leader to set up the group on the Accommodation Portal. Ideally your group leader should be someone who is available when bookings open. 
    • When bookings open, the group leader will be responsible for assigning everyone to the room they have chosen (e.g. Ground Floor Front, First Floor Front).
    • Each housemate will then have four days in which to pay their booking confirmation fee. All housemates will need to do this on time in order to confirm the house booking.
    • You can only book group properties if you have the same number of housemates as there are rooms, i.e. if you are a group of four you cannot book a five bedroom house. However, you can choose to book individual rooms in the houses we have put aside for individual bookings. 
    • We recommend you view any property that you are interested in booking. 
    • The majority of properties can be viewed informally by simply visiting the property and asking the current occupants for a look around. Our tenants have been advised to expect students dropping by, but please remember to be respectful and visit only at reasonable times. If you are unable to get access to view a property after multiple attempts, we may be able to assist with an arranged viewing. Please contact us at lettings@brookes.ac.uk if you need any assistance.
    • There are a small number of properties which are not available for informal viewings - these are indicated on the housing list.
    • When viewing the property, decide who is going to live in which room and make a note. The rooms will be listed a ‘GFF’ (Ground Floor Front), ‘FFB’ (First Floor Back), etc. The front of the house refers to the rooms which look towards the road.