Options for swapping or leaving

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    Room swaps

    The majority of students who move into halls of residence settle in well, and come to feel at home in their new room. However, we understand that there are situations in which a student may want to change their accommodation.

    Here you will find information on how to change your room. Please note that the process is slightly different if you live in a third-party hall of residence, or wish to move to one. 

    Most issues such as maintenance problems or friction between housemates can be solved without anyone needing to move. Please ensure you have spoken with your hall team or the Brookes Lettings team to see how they can help you. If you prefer to swap for practical reasons, please read the advice below.

  • You can swap rooms with another student who also wants to move. There are two ways in which you can find a swap:

    Once you have found somebody to swap rooms, you will need to book an appointment with the Accommodation Bureau to swap your contracts. You cannot simply swap keys as doing so is a breach of your licence to occupy. 

    Conditions for room swaps: 

    • We recommend that you view the other room before you agree to swap.
    • Postgraduate and mature undergraduate students (aged over 21) can only swap with other postgraduate and mature students. This is because these blocks are separate from undergraduate blocks. 
    • By agreeing to a swap you are accepting the room in its current condition. Hall staff will inspect the room but it is the current resident’s responsibility to leave the room in a clean and tidy state.
    • Our priority is to preserve a peaceful study environment within our halls. The hall office or Accommodation Bureau may prevent a direct room swap if we have reason to believe that the swap may cause a disturbance or disrupt the peaceful living of another occupant.
    • Some halls, particularly our partnership halls, have different contract lengths and terms and conditions. If you are moving to a different hall please read these and the hall information before you agree to the swap. 


    • There is a £32.50 admin fee for swapping out of a Brookes-managed room, payable via your Accommodation Portal. For two student swapping between Brookes-managed halls then this fee will be split equally. 
    • If you currently live in The Mews, Beech House, Dorset House, Parade Green, Sinnet Court, Canterbury House, Edna Rose Court or Champneys Court you will also need to gain approval from your hall office before you swap.
    • There is a £100 admin fee for leaving The Mews.
    • There is a £50 admin fee for leaving an A2Dominion hall (Sinnet, Champneys, Edna Rose, Canterbury).
    • There is a £50 cleaning charge for leaving a Unite Students hall (Beech, Dorset, Parade).
    • Your rent rates will be changed to reflect those of the new room.

    Students can request to move to a vacant room in a Brookes-managed halls, providing we have spaces available. To request a move, please complete this online form. You may stand a better chance of finding a vacancy if there is more than one hall you are willing to consider. We will contact you if we are able to make you an offer of a room.

    Please note that we cannot guarantee all requests to swap will be successful. The third-party halls Dorset House, Beech House, Parade Green, Sinnet Court, Canterbury House, Edna Rose Court, Champneys Court, The Mews and Slade Park are not part of this swap process.

    As well as Brookes halls of residence, we also offer halls managed by the companies Unite Students, A2Dominion and Host Students.

    It is not possible to move between two different accommodation providers if you will be leaving an empty room behind you. For example, if you take up a contract in a vacant room at Beech House, but you have a room at Clive Booth or the Mews already, your previous contract does not end - you would be paying for both.

    You can either:

    • Find a person to swap with directly (they want your room and you want theirs) and notify both hall providers. You will be able to look for someone to swap with using the Accommodation Portal or the hall Facebook groups.
    • Find someone to replace you in your current room, then take up a contract with your preferred hall provider. You may need to ensure these events happen at similar times.

    Partnership halls have their own terms for swapping/ending contracts, and will need to check proposed replacement tenants to ensure they are eligible. Please check your current contract, or contact the hall directly to find out the relevant terms, before you accept any new contracts.

    Once you have found someone to swap with, please book an appointment with the Accommodation Bureau. You cannot simply swap keys as doing so is a breach of your licence to occupy. 

    If you have any questions about your options then please contact us.

    If you are in a Brookes Lettings property and you would like to swap to another, please contact the Lettings team directly at lettings@brookes.ac.uk to discuss your options.

    All swaps taking place at the moment are for students looking to move immediately. We offer a separate room swap process for the summer period (June, July and August). This will apply to you if:

    • You have a 50-week contract at Cheney Student Village or Clive Booth Postgraduate Centre and you don't need your room during the summer
    • You live in a hall with a short contract (i.e. 38 weeks, 42 weeks) and you want to stay in Oxford after your contract ends

    We will automatically contact all students in halls about this swap. Please check back in April for further information.

  • Leaving your accommodation

    It is important to remember that contracts with both halls of residence and Brookes Lettings properties are legally binding. We do not recommend accepting one if you think you may shortly change your mind. However, we understand that students’ circumstances can change and we aim to help if possible. Please check our advice below if you no longer wish to live in our accommodation.

  • This information refers to Cheney Student Village, Clive Booth Hall, Paul Kent Hall, Crescent Hall, Westminster Hall, Lady Spencer Churchill Hall, Thames Street, Friar Court and all Brookes Lettings houses.

    If you no longer want your room but you will be continuing with your course:

    You cannot cancel your contract once the start date has passed - it does not matter whether or not you have picked up the keys and moved in, as the room is still contracted to you. However, you are welcome to advertise for another full-time Brookes student to take over the contract from you. The student must not already have a room contracted to them. When you find someone, contact us to arrange transferring the contract. There will be an admin fee of £32.50 charged for the transfer.

    You may wish to begin by advertising your room on Facebook, via the Brookes Union's Housing Group.

    If you are withdrawing from the university or deferring your place:

    As part of the academic withdrawal, you will be asked to give details of your accommodation and notify us of your leaving date. Once your keys are returned to your hall, your contract ends. If you retain your keys, you will continue to be charged, so please return them promptly. You will owe rent for the period of time that the room was contracted to you. If you have overpaid rent, the extra will be refunded.

    As well as Brookes housing and halls of residence, we also offer halls managed by the companies Unite Students, A2Dominion and Host Students.

    These partnership halls have their own contracts, and their own terms for ending these contracts. Please check your contract, or contact the relevant company directly to find out the terms of cancellation, before accepting your room.