Allocation policy

    • allocation policy
  • Allocation policy

    The way we allocate rooms is set out in the allocation policy which is available here. This explains how we allocate accommodation and which groups of students get priority or are subject to guarantees.

    We guarantee that applicants who choose Oxford Brookes University as a firm choice institution will be offered a room within one of their hall choices (but you must select the stated minimum number of hall choices).

    This guarantee requires you to apply for accommodation by the advertised deadline, and you must also be unconditional on our systems (as processed by the Admission Office) prior to the Accommodation Bureau allocating rooms.

    Applicants who choose Oxford Brookes University as an insurance choice should still apply for halls, however we cannot guarantee that you will get a place in halls. We will offer you a room in halls if we can but if we are unable to, we will assist you in finding alternative accommodation.

    Students who come to Oxford Brookes through clearing may not be offered accommodation. Students choosing Oxford Brookes as their insurance choice institution, or coming to Oxford Brookes through clearing should be prepared for the possibility that they will not secure hall accommodation.

    The allocation process is random. Those who meet the terms of the accommodation guarantee will receive an offer of one of their 5 preferred options using a random computerised allocation system. We cannot guarantee that applicants will get their first or most preferred choice of hall. This random allocation also applies to students who do not meet the terms of the accommodation guarantee. These students will be allocated to remaining rooms after all guaranteed applicants have a room. These applicants may be offered any room that we have remaining.

    International non-EU students

    All International non-EU students are guaranteed hall accommodation provided that all conditions and deadlines are met prior to published cut-off dates. International students must still apply through the advertised routes in the same manner as Home and EU students.

    We will not offer you a place in accommodation until your offer of a place to study at Oxford Brookes is unconditional. This includes the completion of police and/or health checks for courses that require them.


    All students who are under the age of 18 on 30 September of their year of entry are required to live in University-managed accommodation or with local-based family. The hall accommodation you will be offered is supervised by appropriately trained staff. The University accommodation policy prioritises allocation of rooms to under-18s.

    Please note that the ratio of responsible adults to under-18s will be no less than 1:10.

    Mature students

    Mature students (over the age of 21) will have the opportunity to be housed with postgraduate students in specially designated halls or with other undergraduate students if they wish.

    Exceptions to the allocation policy

    Exception to the allocation policy are shown below:

    • Students with certain medical conditions
    • Students who will be under the age of 18 on 30 September 2016.

    If you fit either of the categories above you will be offered a room in a hall that meets your needs. If your place at the University is conditional at the time of the July allocation, your hall application will be entered into the next appropriate allocation and is subject to the allocation criteria set out in the allocation policy.

    While students with medical conditions or disabilities will be offered a room in an appropriate hall, we still cannot offer a room until the student’s offer to study is unconditional.