How to apply

    • how to apply
  • Starting in September

    Our guarantee 
    We guarantee that all full-time first-year students will be offered accommodation as long as they choose Oxford Brookes as their firm choice, apply by the deadline and meet the academic criteria for their offer.  

    Apply online
    In April 2019 we will start contacting new students starting in September 2019 to invite them to apply online for their accommodation.

    If you will be studying Paramedic Science or your course will be based in Swindon, please look at the information about the specific accommodation available for these courses and how to apply.

    Your deadline for applying will depend on what kind of offer you have from us - please see the table below for details. We will also tell you in your invitation email the earliest deadline which applies to you.

    Allocation Deadline for applying Deadline for your offer to be unconditional Allocation results released 
    Firm applicants with unconditional offers 7 July 2019  7 July 2019 10 July 2019
    Firm applicants with conditional offers                                                                 31 July 2019 by 15 August 2019  15 August 2019 (A-level results day)
    Insurance and clearing applicants 27 August 2019 27 August 2019 30 August 2019

    Make your choices
    Choose your top five halls and rank them in order of preference. Firm choice applicants will be offered a room in one of their five hall choices as long as they apply by the deadline and meet the academic requirements of their offer by the allocation date. 

    Our allocation policy outlines how we assign our rooms in halls and which groups of students get priority or are guaranteed accommodation.

    When you find out
    You will receive an email from us when you have been allocated a room - and you will then need to pay a booking confirmation fee to confirm your room.  

    We won't be able to allocate you a room if your offer is still conditional, eg because you are still waiting for exam results. If you don't think your offer will become unconditional on or before the day we allocate you accommodation then please contact us and we can advise.

    Starting in January

    Accommodation for students starting in January is dependent on availability. Although we always have rooms available, it is not possible for us to guarantee accommodation for students starting in January. However, we will do our best to assist as many applicants as possible.

    How to apply
    You will receive an email from us inviting you to apply online. You will receive this email from us in November, or shortly after you have made us your firm or insurance choice. 

    Allocation Deadline for applying Deadline for your offer to be unconditional Allocation results released 
    Applicants for January entry 5 December 2018 5 December 2018 7 December 2018

     We don’t allocate on a first-come, first-served basis but will allocate to all students who have applied by the deadline and met the conditions of their offer. However, if you miss the deadline to apply, you are welcome to contact us after the allocation date to ask about vacancies.

    You will receive an email from us when you have been allocated a room - and you will then need to pay a booking confirmation fee to confirm your room. 

    International and exchange students

    When to apply
    As an international student you apply in the same way, and have the same deadlines, as other students. Please look at the relevant tab for starting in September or January for more information.

    If you are currently overseas, please look at the virtual tours and information on our halls pages to help you choose which halls to apply for. If you need any further information then please contact us.

    You do not need to have a visa in order to apply for your accommodation. If you cannot come to study at Oxford Brookes because your visa is refused then your booking confirmation fee will be refunded. 

    Living in halls
    Choosing to live in university halls is often a much easier process for international students than living in private accommodation in the city. This is because international students in private accommodation may be subject to Right to Rent checks. To assist you, we guarantee that all full-time first-year international students starting in September will be offered accommodation as long as you apply by the deadline and meet the academic criteria for your offer.

    Using a representative?
    Please make sure you look out for emails from us and contact your representative or us if you think that you have missed an email from us. We have asked international representatives to ensure they pass accommodation emails on to applicants quickly. 

    One semester exchange students

    Exchange students coming to Oxford Brookes are invited to apply for accommodation. There are specific accommodation options available to students coming for one semester, usually in the halls close to our Headington Campus. Your hall contract will be for one semester only, not the full 38 or 50 weeks.

    Pathways students

    If you are coming to study a pathways course that starts in June or July, we will contact you in April so that you can apply for your accommodation. 

    As you will be staying with us over the summer, there are specific types of accommodation that are available to you, usually in the halls close to our Headington Campus. We will let you know the options for this year when we contact you to apply. 

    Disabilities and medical conditions

    We provide accommodation to support students with medical conditions and disabilities. If you need a specific type of accommodation, you must tell us when you apply and send us supporting medical evidence.

    Your supporting evidence should be a letter which explains your condition. It needs to be written in English by a certified medical practitioner. This letter should state:

    • how this condition affects the way you live
    • why your condition is best supported in a specific type of accommodation

    It is essential that you provide this information with your initial application so that we can find you a suitable room. We may be unable to consider any information supplied at a later date.

     You do not need to let us know about other medical conditions, such as dyslexia, which do not require a specific type of accommodation. 

    We may need to liaise with our colleagues in the university’s Wellbeing Services to ensure we offer you appropriate accommodation. Please be aware that this means we will need to share your data with them. 

    Couples and families

    We have a limited number of two-bedroom self-contained flats in Clive Booth Student Village for couples or individuals with a child.

    There are studio flats at Westminster Hall which are available to couples without children. These are self-contained flats with a bedroom/lounge, a 4ft double bed, a kitchenette and a shower room. The standard contract length is 38 weeks, but there are some 50 week contracts available.

    The Mews also offers a limited number of studio flats for individual students.

    If you are interested in a studio flat in the Mews or Westminster Hall, or a family flat in Clive Booth Student Village, please email us at You will need to have an unconditional offer to study here.

    Please be aware that any partner who lives with a student will not be able to keep a car with them while living in university accommodation. Students living in studio flats or family flats will be eligible for BROOKESbus passes, but partners and/or children will not be eligible for free travel.  

    Students under 18 years old

    Students who are under 18 who apply for accommodation will be offered a room in Clive Booth Student Village. This is because staff in this hall are appropriately trained to look after students aged under 18. 

    A student will be classified as under 18 if they are still aged under 18 by 30 September in the year in which they enrol at Oxford Brookes.

  • Booking confirmation fee
    For university-managed accommodation you only need to pay a £230 booking confirmation fee when you accept your room. This is non-refundable but will be credited against your first rent payment when you move in. Cheney Student Village also requires a £200 damage deposit. 

    Our third-party halls also require a reservation fee. The fee varies so please check the terms and conditions page for further details.

    More information on accommodation payments is available on our finance page. If you have difficulty making a payment please contact us as soon as possible.