Living in halls

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  • Living in halls

    There are a lot of benefits to living in halls in your first year. You get to meet new people, there are social events you can attend, and it’s hassle free because most of your living costs are included in your hall fees. This page gives you some information about what you can expect if you live in halls. You will get more nearer arrival time.

  • Our halls of residence are a supportive and safe environment. All of our halls have an on-site Residence Manager and Hall Supervisors to help and advise during the day. There is support available on-site throughout the night too. Hall staff are experienced in making people feel at home. During the first weeks of semester there will be social activities to help you get to know other students in your hall.

    The University is situated in one of the safest student areas in the country according to research conducted by the Complete University Guide.

    Your bedroom is your home for the duration of your contract. When you arrive it will be furnished with:

    • a bed-base and mattress
    • a mattress protector
    • a desk and desk chair
    • a reading lamp
    • a wardrobe
    • curtains.

    There are pinboards for posters so you can personalise your space. If you would like to bring additional furniture for your room please check with hall management before you arrive as Health and Safety regulations do restrict certain items. For international and EU students further details on what to bring are included on our preparation and arrival information pages.

    All rooms in our halls of residence have internet provided via a hardwired socket which is included in the cost of rent. Residents will be able to use their own PCs or laptops with an Ethernet cable to access email, internet, and intranet. For some Apple products (e.g. MacBook Air) you may need to buy an adaptor. The University also provides Wi-Fi through Eduroam on campuses and residential sites. Slade Park is a third party hall which charges an additional annual sum for internet access.

    All students who live in halls can apply for a bus pass. This pass acts as a discount card on many services and you can also load free travel on our BROOKESbuses as part of the halls package.

    Once you have a confirmed offer of a hall place please make your bus pass application.

    All students who live in halls are provided with block contents insurance covering their time in halls. This is provided by Cover4Insurance and more information can be found on their website. This cover can be extended if required.

    Please note this information is not applicable to the Mews, Slade Park, Dorset House, Beech House, Sinnet Court, Canterbury House or the Windmill Road halls. If you are in one of these halls of residence, please contact the hall office directly with any queries.

    All of our halls have a laundry room with coin-operated machines. Self-catered halls have shared kitchens where you can cook and eat your own meals. In our catered hall meals are provided in shared dining areas. Blocks also have small kitchenettes for making snacks.

    Your accommodation also includes utility costs (gas, electricity and water) in the hall fees. Halls of Residence are exempt from Council Tax but residents must buy a TV licence if they wish to watch TV in their room.

    If you ask for accommodation in a single-sex flat, we will do our best to arrange it.
    The halls of residence are non-smoking halls, including e-cigarettes. You cannot smoke in doorways or within 15 metres of a building. Please see the University’s smoking policy for more information.