Accommodation for continuing students

    • Accommodation for returning students
  • Accommodation for continuing students

    Full-time students moving on to their second, third or fourth year can continue to live in halls if they wish. We also have a portfolio of shared houses that we let through Brookes Lettings to our returning students - please drop in or contact us on 01865 484660 for the latest availability.

    Booking opens for both halls and houses in early February. We offer a range of room types, both en suite and with shared bathroom facilities, as well as catered and studio flat options.

    Booking accommodation is simple. You need to log in to your StarRez account when booking opens to see what’s available and book your room. Some of our partnership halls have their own separate booking systems.

    Please note that the halls and rooms available to continuing students will vary each year. Our students can live in halls throughout their studies at Oxford Brookes, but they won't necessarily be able to live in the same hall or the same room. In some halls continuing students may be restricted to particular types of rooms.

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  • Name of hall Status Location Accommodation type Catering Contract length 2017/2018 weekly fee Annual fee
    Brookes Lettings Available Multiple locations Rooms in shared houses, 1 and 2 bedroom flats Self-catering Various Various Various
    Dorset House

    Fully booked - call Unite on 0117 3027425 for waiting list

    London Road Single study en suite rooms and studio flats Self-catering 42 or 51 weeks Single bedrooms: £175.45 for 42 weeks
    Studio flats: £206.61 for 51 weeks
    (there is also a £250 booking fee/deposit)
    Single bedrooms: £7368.90 
    Studio flats: £10,330.50
    Friar Court
    (nursing and midwifery students only)
    Available Marston Road Single study en suite bedrooms, for nursing and midwifery students only Self-catering 50 weeks £147.91  £7395.50
    Harcourt Hill Hall Available Harcourt Hill Campus Single study non-en suite bedrooms Self-catering 38 weeks £80.78  £3058.10
    Lady Spencer Churchill Hall Fully booked Wheatley Campus Single study non-en suite bedrooms Catered (during semester dates) 38 weeks TBC (2016/17 fee: £147.49 including meals) TBC (2016/17 fee: £5604.62)
    Sinnet Court and Windmill Road Halls Fully booked Cowley Road
    Windmill Road
    Single study en suite bedrooms Self-catering 50 weeks Sinnet Court: £126.98  
    Windmill Road Halls: £129.33
    Sinnet Court: £6349.20
    Windmill Road Halls: £6456.56
    Slade Park Only studio flats remaining - book online with CRM Students 1.5 miles from Headington Campus Fully furnished flats for 4, 5 or 6 people with fitted kitchens and lounge areas Self-catering 42 weeks £157.50  £6615 
    Thames Street Fully booked Central Oxford Single study en suite bedrooms Self-catering 38 weeks £157.22  £5974.36
    The Mews Fully booked Cowley area Single study en suite bedrooms Self-catering 42 weeks

    (there is also a £300 reservation fee)

    Warneford Hall Fully booked Next to Headington Campus Single study non-en suite bedrooms. Mixed hall: new and returning students are allocated into different blocks Self-catering 38 weeks £131.39  £4974.05
    Westminster Hall (studio flats only) Available Harcourt Hill Campus Studio flats available to couples Self-catering 38 weeks From £199.71 From £7560.45