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Dean Boswell

I would never have thought I was capable of achieving such qualifications!

Dean Boswell

BA top-up in Education and Lifelong Learning at Swindon College

My dream of becoming a Primary School teacher fuelled my ambition to complete the Foundation Degree in Support for Learning and the BA top-up in Education and Lifelong Learning. I have dyslexia and dyspraxia, which initially meant that my confidence was low. However, when I first started it was reassuring to be told that people with all kinds of disabilities and special educational needs often flourish due to the help available.

The expertise that staff at Oxford Brookes and Swindon College possess is amazing - I learnt so much from them. All the staff are approachable and friendly and they use their professional expertise to help guide you in the right direction. I worked as a part-time Teaching Assistant whilst studying, and the staff were always on hand to offer advice on dealing with the work-load.

The facilities are impressive, and having access to Oxford Brookes resources was very useful. I was given the opportunity to be a Staff Student Liaison Officer which was a special experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the responsibility. I found that it’s not just about learning through completing assignments but also taking advantage of opportunities that appear.

Swindon College and Brookes University worked well together to further my determination to achieve my potential. I received reliable and relevant advice that opened doors in my career and enabled me to complete work to a high standard.

I passed the Foundation Degree with flying colours and was encouraged to go onto complete a BA top-up course. I would have never thought I was capable of achieving such qualifications! I am now in the process of completing a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and I can’t wait to start working as Primary School Teacher. 

Top tips


  • Take advantage of all opportunities whether it is using resources at both Brookes and Swindon or completing additional courses that may help your professional development.
  • No matter how hard it gets, just remember, the end result can be a life changer!