Nesta Wellman

Nesta Wellman

My experience on the course was incredible.

Nesta Wellman

Applied Animal Management at Bridgwater College

I am originally from Bermuda, and grew up with a passion for animals and how they interact with their habitat. This led to me gaining work experience at the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo. I decided to study in the UK because I had friends who had studied over here, and they told me that the study experience was more in-depth.  I chose the Applied Animal Management foundation degree at Bridgwater to pursue my desire to become a zoologist.

My experience on the course was incredible. I loved how the practical and theoretical sessions were integrated and also combined with work experience. The course taught me about the basic husbandry of animals, welfare, and the impact of human actions on animals, as well as key business skills. We also got to go on field trips to visit zoos, observe animal behaviour, and attend conferences.

It was great getting to know the other students and sharing our experiences together while learning new skills. The small class size was great as it allowed me to have more interaction and support from lecturers, who were extremely welcoming, and provided everything we needed to succeed. I lived on campus, which meant that all the resources and support I needed were readily available, and I also had the opportunity to set up a Zoological Society. I found the facilities at the college very useful, particularly the new Higher Education library. I have also found the Oxford Brookes library resources really helpful for doing research.

I highly recommend the course because as well as the resources, the support and networking opportunities are amazing. I gained so many new skills! I surprised myself with what I achieved throughout the course. It has encouraged me to continue to stretch my mind and develop my abilities so that I can progress to greater opportunities.

I plan to continue my studies with a ‘top up’ course to obtain a BSc degree, and then hopefully do a PhD in zoology. I would love to join the Chester Zoo team, and eventually work as a zoologist in Australia. Hopefully I can fulfil my childhood dream of travelling the world studying animals and being a National Geographic Photographer!