Financial Aid Fund

  • The primary purpose of the University’s Financial Aid Fund is to relieve financial hardship which might impact on a student’s participation in higher education at Oxford Brookes and to help them remain at the University.

    Students should be aware that the Fund is intended to act as a safety net for those in financial difficulty rather than their main source of income.

    2017-18 Application cycle

    The 2017-18 Financial Aid application cycle has now closed, and applications will only be considered by students who are at imminent risk of homelessness, or where a child or adult is immediately vulnerable. If this is your situation please contact us immediately. We would also recommend that you speak to your Student Support Coordinators and/ or the Brookes Union Advice Service.

    2018-19 Application cycle

    The 2018-19 financial aid application cycle will open on Monday of Week 0 of next semester, 17 September 2018.