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  • 10% postgraduate discount for alumni

    If you have already graduated from Oxford Brookes you may be eligible for a 10% tuition fee discount on postgraduate tuition fees.

    Certain criteria apply - please check the details below to see if you are eligible.

  • Eligible students include any student who has graduated from Oxford Brookes University with an ordinary or honours degree and wishes to stay on or return for an additional degree (e.g. an undergraduate student who then studies for a taught master's course, or a taught master's graduate who enrols on another taught master's or an MPhil/PhD programme).
    You must:

    1. Hold an offer and register on a degree-awarding postgraduate course at Oxford Brookes University. The majority of courses qualify for the award, but please check the exception list below.
    2. Be a graduate of Oxford Brookes University. That is, you must have qualified on a full undergraduate or postgraduate degree.


    1. Courses that are not eligible for the Alumni Loyalty Discount:
    The Alumni Loyalty Discount will not be applied to any courses of study that do not lead to a degree. This includes pre-sessional programmes in English Language, English Language Foundation Programmes, Modular Associate programmes, occasional study programmes, exchange programmes, or continuing professional development programmes.

    The discount does not apply to:

    • Diploma or certificate courses (Note: Graduate Diploma in Law does apply)
    • MBA ACCA members already paying a discounted fee (from September 2019)
    • Masters in Applied Design in Architecture (MArchD)
    • Courses where a student has exited with a Certificate or Diploma level qualification and returns to complete a “top up” course for the master’s qualification.

    2. Previous study at Oxford Brookes University that does not meet the requirements of the Alumnus Tuition Fee Discount:

    • Previous study on courses that do not carry formal degree status means that you are not eligible for the Alumni Loyalty Discount. This includes previous study on pre-sessional courses in English Language, English Language Foundation Programmes, occasional study courses, exchange courses, Modular Associate programmes, study abroad programmes, and certificate or diploma courses.
    • If you transfer from one course to another as part of normal progression arrangements, you are not eligible for the Alumnus Tuition Fee Discount on the second or subsequent course. For example: A student who commences on an MPhil and is then transferred to a PhD is not eligible for a discount for the PhD, as this is regarded as one research programme. Similarly, students on integrated Masters course are not eligible for the discount.

    The following regulations pertain to the Alumni Discount:

    1. The discount is available to students who commence a new programme of study at the University.
    2. If the discount changes part way through your degree (e.g. a new percentage discount is introduced), you will remain on the Tuition Fee Discount applied at the start of your degree.
    3. The discount will apply for all full years of study, whether your degree course is studied full or part time.
    4. The discount is not transferable. The University does not permit the discount to be used for any other purpose.
    5. The University reserves the right to vary or withdraw the discount at its sole discretion.

    Please download and complete the Alumni Loyalty Discount application form.