Frequently asked questions - postgraduate students

  • When you are offered a place on a course you will also be sent information about how to pay your deposit online with a credit card 
    Before your course starts you will be emailed instructions on how to complete your academic and financial enrolment on line on your self service portal.  We will ask you at this point how you are intending to pay your fees

    All students must re-enrol to the University at the beginning of each academic year. During the summer vacation before you return to your course, you will be sent an email to let you know when you can re-enrol.  Your enrolment can be completed online via your self service portal,

    Please remember even if you are going on placement in the next academic year you MUST re-enrol at the University.

    Tuition fees can be paid for in full at the start of the academic year, or in two 50% instalments. The first instalment will be due when you enrol and the second instalment will be due at the start of your second semester.

    If you are using your Masters Loan to pay for your tuition fees, please choose this as an option when you complete your online enrolment.  We will then set up your instalments to be payable in three across the academic year, in line with when you will receive your loan.

    Tuition fees are payable at the start of each semester (usually September and January).
    You can see all charges and payments on your financial account on your self-service portal.  You will see what is due and by which date and you can also make a payment to the University from this portal

    All monies paid to the University should be paid in Pounds Sterling. The University cannot accept any other currency.

    When you financially enrol you will be asked how your fees are to be paid. If you have a sponsor (such as an employer or a commercial or charitable organisation) who is paying your fees, please provide an official letter of sponsorship from them. The letter should include:

    • the invoice address
    • name of the student
    • the amount of sponsorship
    • contact to whom invoice should be addressed

    and you can send this letter to our Student Fees team at

    We will then invoice them for the full fees giving 30 days to pay. Sponsors do not have the option of paying in instalments.

    Please note that if your sponsor fails to pay your fees you will be liable.

    Please note that your parents, family members or friends who may be paying your tuition fees are not classed as sponsors.