Clearing and adjustment

  • Clearing

    Clearing is a way for students to find another course if they miss their grades. It runs from July to September. You can also use Clearing if you didn’t receive any offers when you first applied. If you already have your exam results but have no offers, you can use Clearing from July.

    Missed your grades?

    Check on UCAS Track or contact your firm and insurance universities. They may still have a place for you.

    If not, you could find a course through Clearing. Vacancy lists will be on the UCAS website, on university websites and printed in the Telegraph newspaper.

    There’s a detailed guide to Clearing on the UCAS website. Here are the headlines:

    What you need to do

    1. 1. Register and apply for Clearing. You will receive a Clearing number.
    2. 2. Pay a small fee (£13).
    3. 3. Call the universities you are interested in. They will need to know your Clearing number.
    4. 4. If you are offered a place, add it as a Clearing choice in UCAS Track.
    5. 5. If you are accepted, the university will confirm your place.
    6. 6. If you are not accepted, you will be able to apply for more Clearing places.


    Clearing will involve a lot of time online and on the phone. Plan holidays or work so you will be able to spare this time as soon as you get your results.



    If your grades are better than expected, you can use Adjustment to find a place on a course with higher requirements. There’s a guide to Adjustment on the UCAS website, and here are some things to remember:

    • If you don’t find anything through Adjustment, you’ll keep your original place.
    • You need to register and pay £13 to use the service.
    • It is totally optional.
    • Adjustment is open from when you get your results (or when your conditional offer changes to unconditional on UCAS Track, whichever is latest) until 31 August.
    • You have 5 24-hour periods to use the service from when it opens for you.